History of Roulette

The History of Roulette Game

One of the stories about the origin of roulette traces it back to the Dominican Monks. According to these versions of the history of roulette, Dominican Monks traded with Chinese. On their coming back to Europe they brought back with them this renowned casino game called roulette.


However, the word roulette is French in origin and it means little wheel in English. Consequently it is believe that the roulette casino as we have today emanated from the French world. Blaise Pascal a French philosopher, mathematician and physicist of the 17th century is reputed to be the originator of roulette casino.

There is also another theory that traced the origin of roulette to Francois and his brother Louis Blanc who were French in origin. According this version, Francois Blanc signed a deal with the devil so that the devil will unveil the secret of roulette. What gave vent to this story is the fact that the sum of all the numbers in roulette in casino is equal to 666 which according to the bible represents the number of the Satan.

France then did not allow the playing of roulette. Consequently, roulette was transported to the German world where it remained until when it became illegal to play roulette in Germany. Roulette was again taken to Monte Carlo casino which was managed by Louis Blanc then. It was there that roulette casino became the favourite casino and attracted the admiration of many gamblers.

Roulette in the USA

By the 19th century roulette has become popular globally. It was at this time that roulette was transported to the US. When roulette entered into the United States a new history of roulette began. Roulette wheel was changed. In order to increase their advantage the American Casino introduced a new roulette wheel which has additional zero. This explains why we have two types of roulette wheel today, namely, the American wheel and the European wheel.

The European wheel has 30 numbered slots while the American wheel has 31 slots even though the odds of

However, the European roulette has another variation called "in prison". In this variation a player has two options to choose from when a zero slot is indicated. The first option is for the player to give up half of his wagering money and go away with the remaining half. But the bet has to be an outside bets. He can also decide to leave the whole bet and move them to the next game. This is the second option for the player.