Martingale Roulette System

Martingale Roulette System

The famous Wizard of Odds has labelled all betting systems as useless simply because they cannot be used to beat the casinos. But this is not what the betting systems are meant to do. They are meant to help you increase your chances of winning.

Martingale's System Description

One of the betting systems that you can apply while playing casino is the Martingale system. This system is meant for even money bet. It simply suggests to gamblers to double their bet in the next session if they lose their previous bet. But they should keep to the betting amount if the win. This will help you to gain your money back when you eventually win after losing for sometimes.

  • For example, if your betting amount is £5, you have to keep betting with £5 in so far as you are winning. But should you lose in the process, you have to add another £5 to it making your betting amount to be £10. You should double the £10 when you lose again making it to be £20. The £20 betting amount will be double if you lose it. You will continue in that order until you reaches the table's maximum bet. If you eventually win, you have gained extra £5 because you won you first bet otherwise you will get back your initial bet amount.

However, there is limitation to this system in real life situation. Owing to shortage of fund, you may not be able to double your bet always. However, there are some people who are so rich to afford that. But another limitation for such people is that there is always a maximum that you can bet in each table. Once you reach the maximum you will not be allowed to bet again.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Martingale's Strategy

The advantage of this system is that you stand the chances of regaining your betting money after some series of losses. If you apply this system and eventually you win, you will basically recover all your losses. In other words you are going home with your initial betting money.
But Martingale system has some disadvantages which you should be aware of. In the first place, you stand the chances of losing a huge amount of money after a series of losses. The reason for this is not far fetch. There is a limit that you can bet in a table. Once you reach the limit, you cannot increase the bet again. This will make you to accrue huge losses after doubling your bet for many times.
Another disadvantage of this system is that you have few hours to play since you can easily reach the table limit by doubling your losses.