List of the Best Movies about Roulette and Casinos

Movie about Roulette and Casino

Roulette with its long and fascinating history attracts not only gamblers through all over the world, but film directors as well. Roulette, the game of Napoleon Bonaparte and Albert Einstein, is a symbol of all classics at casinos. Do you remember inimitable James Bond playing at roulette table? There are more films where we can watch the charms of the Queen of casino. If you are a roulette fan and like watching the game, we offer you to check out next films that will bring you pleasure for sure.

Casablanca (1942)

The story takes place in Rick’s Cafe American, in which there is a "fixed" roulette wheel. The dealer is aware about the roulette’s being fixed and hitting number 22 more frequently than other numbers. One day the owner of the cafe Humphrey Bogart offers a luckless player to bet his last money on pocket 22. As the result the player wins and his life takes another turn.

Casino (1995)

If you are fond of the glam world of gambling this movie is right for you. Directed by Martin Scorsese and with world famous stars like charming Robert De Niro and beautiful Sharon Stone the film will give you unforgettable impression. The story is centered in Las Vegas, where gambling is a style of life. Power, money, deception, greed and murder get tangled.

Croupier (1998)

The main hero of the story Jack Manfred is a writer who cannot finish his book. He decides to become a croupier at one of casinos and reveals the world of gambling. He falls in love with one of his clients and agrees to become the inside man for Jani. Together they planned how to cheat the casino.

13 (2010)

Are you interested in other variations of roulette games? If so, the film "13" will reveal other sides of the game. The main hero is a young man who desperately needs money for treating his father. To get it he agrees to bet his life at Russian roulette.

We hope you will get real pleasure from watching these films and learn out useful tips and strategies that help win at roulette wheel.