Roulette Rules

Roulette Game Rules

Among the casino games, roulette is a game that should be played by any gambler who is serious with gambling. This is because of the thrill that is associated with roulette casino games. Indeed, roulette brings fun and excitement to gamblers. You will surely derive joy by playing roulette casino games. The game started in the 17th century in France. Since its inception the game has continued to be a favourite casino game in the world at large and in the United States in particular as well as in the Europe.

There are two types of roulette wheel, namely, the European wheel and the American wheel. The difference between the two is that the European roulette wheel contains 37 numbered pockets which include a zero slot while the American version of roulette has an additional double zero slots making the number of the slots in American version to be 38.

The basics of roulette

  • In order to play roulette gainfully you need to master the basics. The first thing you should know about roulette today right now is that you have the option of either playing roulette through the internet or in the land-based casinos. Roulette is a game of luck where you are required to guess correctly the particular numbered pocket where the ball should finally rests.
  • Another thing you should know about roulette is that about 8 gamblers can play roulette at the same time. But they are not playing against themselves. Instead, they are playing against the house represented by the dealer. It is the duty of the dealer to spin the wheel and the ball during the game. When a player wins, it is also the function of the dealer to pay out the player.
  • No matter the version you are playing, you need to get your own roulette chips. The colour of the chips for each player is not the same. Usually, players wager on the roulette table having gotten their special chips. You can wager in numbers ranging from 1 - 12 or on the colour of the numbered pockets.
  • When the dealer spins the wheel and the ball, any player who guesses correctly the slot where the ball will rest wins the gain. The rest of the players will go empted handed to the advantage of the dealer. The dealer wins their money.
  • There are two betting options which you must know in order to play roulette. They are inside bets and outside bets. Each of these betting options has its types.

In order to play roulette gainfully you need to master the above mentioned basics of roulette casino otherwise you may not enjoy the gain.